In and Out of Fashion Design

Fashion is a process of artistic behavior that is applied to clothing and lifestyle which are framed to the cultural and social influence of a particular time. But fashion designing is different from costume designing, as it built particularly for two seasons such as autumn or spring. Costume designing is a design for an overall apparel appearance for a character or a performer.Fashion designing history can be traces back to its origin to 19th century where Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer to put forward his label for the design he created. A design is consider being more complex as of technology. According to Archer design is defined as an area of manual experience, knowledge and skills which is related with humans ability to shape his surroundings to suit his spiritual needs and materials. This designing process is essentially considered to be more rational, logical and sequential process in solving the problem. Designing is not only used in the technology world but it is also used in our day to day lives.The fashion designing in twentieth century traces back its origin to criss-cross boundaries of the various origin. Popular western styles were adapted through out the world. Almost many of the designers from the outside of the west have a great impact on the fashion designing.Types of fashion
The fashion can be categorized into three different types. The categorical types of fashion designing are haute couture, ready to wear and mass market. The haute couture is other wise known as mad to measure which is predominant till 1950s. This type of garment is specially created for a specific client. It is made for an individual in an expensive material, high quality and a keen detail to finish. Often this type of fashion designing is time consuming. The second type is the ready to wear, which is made of the cross with the other two type. Even though it is not made for a individual customer but it is done with great care. Most predominantly this is used during the season of fashion week, which occurs twice per year according to the change in season. The third type is the mass market, on which the fashion industry predominantly lies on no care is taken while weaving the garment. It is created in cheap materials, but creatively and in an affordable manner. It is available foe wide range of customers and in large quantity. The production was also so simple and therefore the end product is considerably cheaper.Careers in fashion designing
If you ant to chose a career in fashion designing it is not so easy to get in. you wont get a jog as you get a degree you need to explore your talent to the world. First market yourself in the industry to build up your career. The techniques to start up your career is that first try to build up your portfolio, display your skills, bring out your creativity, diversify your skills and be willing to do any task offered. Put out you skills and grasp the career you want.

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